Welcome to the Kiel Farmers' Market!

Every Wednesday afternoon from 11am-4pm June 15th through Oct 12th.
The Kiel Farmers' Market is expanding! With almost 50 booth spaces available, ample parking, loads of room, lots of shade, flush bathrooms, and more, the Kiel Farmers' Market aims to be one of the best in Wisconsin!

Fresh Vegetables, Eggs, and More!

Fresh, farm and garden produce grown locally.
The Kiel Farmers' Market consists of farmers and gardeners that deliver fresh produce each and every week.

Classes & Music

The Kiel Farmers' Market aims to have classes, presentations, and entertainment when possible. During the summer, the market ends just as the Kiel Band plays over by the stage!.
In an effort to bring you the best Farmers' Market experience, the promoters, vendors, and sponsors aim to bring you food, education, and entertainment.

Multiple varieties of fresh lettuce


Radish, Sunflower, Mustard, and more!


Many different types of herbs are offered at the Kiel Farmers' Market.


Strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, and so much more!

Root Crops

Potatoes, beets, kohlrabi, and more.

Chicken Eggs

Multiple verities of chicken eggs.


Delicious honey from local apiaries.


From poultry to swine to beef, the Kiel Farmers Market aims to offer it all.

Kiel Farmers' Market
The Kiel Farmers' Market aims to provide the best produce from local farms and gardeners. Our goal is to help our local community engage and learn from one another. As inflation and economic factors continue to be of concern for local communities like ours, we're taking steps to help secure more local food for our neighborhoods. We're coming up with our own trade systems in the event the dollar doesn't make it. We want to help people grow their own food and bring more produce to the market to share, trade, or sell. We can no longer rely on international, national, or even statewide food sources to be available in the coming months. It's up to us to help bring our community together to grow and support our own food network (like the good 'ol days).
Market Samples We aim to provide food, crafts, clothing and more to be 100% self-sufficient.
The Kiel Market aims to have fresh lettuce from multiple vendors.
Root Crops
Root Crops
Kiel Farmers' Market aims to have a wide variety for our patrons.
Herbs and oils for all your garnishing and medicinal needs!
Handmade wooden bowls, crafts, and art made by locals.
Blankets, washcloths, and clothing are staples we want to bring to our community. By spinning our own yarn, making our own clothing, etc. we can insure that our community is more independent.
Handmade soaps and related products are a major focus of the Kiel Farmers' Market.

Vendors Wanted

Our market is completely free to vendors. We aim to provide ample space, communication, and patrons for your farm/business. Together, we can build the Kiel Farmers' Market to one of the largest in Wisconsin.

Kiel Farmers Market

The Kiel Farmers' Market Rules and Overview.


Kiel Farmers Market Map

Booth Spaces viewable in Google Earth.


Call Gary Vondrachek 920 946 63 three four

Increase vendors and marketing to offer more to the local community.
Phase 1
Bring in more power and shelter options or a fully-indoor market for year-round operation.
Phase Two
Offer every type of option to make the local area completely independent. This includes our own trading and communication system.
Phase 3